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Junior Doctor in the CERN Medical Service (HSE-ME)


Junior Doctor (CERN Fellows Programme) in the CERN Medical Service (HSE-ME)

The CERN Medical Service is seeking to reinforce its medical team through the recruitment, for two (or three) years, of a doctor specialised in occupational medicine, who will also take part in the Service's exciting new projects.

The successful candidate will:

* take up a full-time position as a doctor specialised in occupational medicine for an initial period of two years, with the possibility of a one-year extension to three years;

* perform clinical activities with a focus on occupational health;

* undertake occupational medicine consultations with full autonomy;

* dispense medical care and deal with emergencies at the infirmary;

* perform workstation ergonomics assessments;

*work in an international environment (the ability to communicate in both English and French is essential);

* enjoy attractive remuneration and employment conditions.


Candidates must be citizens of one of the CERN Member States. Candidates who are about to sit their final exams are entitled to apply; however, the successful candidate must have obtained his/her qualification upon taking up the CERN contract.

Please note that the status of CERN fellow can be held for a maximum of 36 months and that no exceptions can be made to this rule.

Members of the CERN staff and people who have held a French "VIA" contract (Volontaires internationaux en administration) are not eligible for the Fellows Programme.

CERN and its Medical Service

CERN, the European Particle Physics Research Organization, is one of the world's largest science laboratories. Its business is fundamental physics, the discipline aimed at discovering what the Universe is made of and how it works. CERN's physicists use complex scientific instruments to study fundamental particles, which are the basic building-blocks of matter.

More than 10,000 people (staff members and visitors) are present CERN's sites, which sit on either side of the French-Swiss border close to Geneva.

The Medical Service has nine members: two doctors, four nurses, one psychologist and two secretaries.

The Medical Service is, first and foremost, a service aimed at members of the personnel and anyone working or present on the CERN sites.

It is reponsible for preventing and screening for the adverse health effects of occupational hazards, the handling of medical emergencies and accidents, and the management and monitoring of occupational illnesses and accidents and of long-term illnesses.

The Medical Service works in close collaboration with:

* the CERN Fire and Rescue Service and the Geneva University Hospital's emergency vehicle, based in a building next to the Medical Service, for the management of emergencies;

* the Organization's general health and safety unit for the management of occupational accidents;

* the Organization's radiation protection unit for the management of dosimeters and radiation hazard assessments;

* all CERN Departments for the enhancement of working conditions (workstation ergonomics, adaptation and reorganisation of workstations for medical reasons, etc.);

* the Human Resources Department for the management of conflicts and the assessment of medical aptitude for work and of long-term illnesses, and with the social service, the CERN psychologist, the Pension Fund and its Consulting Medical Practitioner for the management of the after-effects of occupational accidents and disablity cases;

* outside services: emergency services of the two Host States - primarily Switzerland (triangulation with the 144 emergency number) for the treatment of accident victims, and with the WHO for the implementation of a joint policy on epidemiologica

Stunden pro Woche: Full-time position

Angestelltenname: CERN

Arbeitgeber-Adresse: ROUTE DE MEYRIN 385, 1217 MEYRIN

Form von Kontakt:
Dr Véronique Fassnacht +41 22 767 3186 or +41 22 767 3156, e-post: Veronique.fassnacht (at)

Arbeitgeber Telefonnummer: +41227678721

Stellenkurzbeschreibung: Allgemeinärzte

Land: Schweiz

Vertragslaufzeit: Unbefristet

Vertragstyp: Vollzeit

Erforderliche Ausbildung: Keine Angabe

Erfahrung: siehe Beschreibung

Quelle des Stellenangebots:
Arbetsförmedlingen, Öffentliche Arbeitsverwaltungen, Schweden

Fahrerlaubnis: Nein

Wie Sie sich bewerben: Weitere Angaben (siehe Beschreibung)


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